Our Local Wine, Beer and Liquor – Part 4!

February 2, 2016

As part of our own Keep Colorado Local campaign, we are going to introduce a few of our favorite local to Colorado spirits and the distilleries from which they come. Each distillery is as unique as the people behind them and focus on only one spirit type. Durango Craft Spirits has the rising Soiled Dove vodka, its name rich with history of the area. Montanya Distillery specializes in rum, and Honey House Distilleries creates a honey whiskey that the people in the area know ever so well. We have spoken about several beers and wines that are local to the area thus far in recent posts, and now want to introduce you to these high quality, locally produced liquors.

1. Montanya Distillers
The distillers of Montanya rum sit at an elegant 9000 feet in the heart of Crested Butte, Colorado. The non-GMO sugar cane used for the mash during production is purchased from family farmers in Louisiana that grow the sugarcane specifically for Montanya rum distillation. The stills used are very finely tuned for rum production and are composed of alembic copper. This crucial tool in the distillation hails from Portugal and the stills were specially ordered to intensify the flavor profile of this local rum. To learn more about the team at Montanya Distillers, visit their website.Durango Colorado local beer

2. Durango Craft Spirits
This is the home of Soiled Dove vodka which has become a major player in local markets. The non-GMO corn is harvested regionally by the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe. The still was designed specifically for this distillery and produced in Maine with parts entirely from the U.S. The logo on each bottle of finely crafted vodka sports a graphic of Silver Mountain, our home peak sitting in the heart of the beloved La Plata mountains. The term “soiled dove” that has so easily taken place as the name of the vodka is historically synonymous with “lady of the night”. Embracing one aspect of the rich mining history in Durango, the distillery fully embodies the essence of Durango. To read more about Durango Craft Spirits, visit their website.Durango Colorado local beer

3. Honey House Distillery
Honey House Distillery is home to the beloved honey whiskey and cinnamon honey whiskey that has been produced in Durango since 2012. All whiskey is produced in small batches to ensure the absolute best in quality, and unlike some honey whiskeys, the honey is actually incorporated into the mash to take full advantage of the honey’s flavor profile. To read more about the Honey House Distillery, visit their website.Durango Colorado local beer

At Wagon Wheel liquors, we are proud to host local beers, wines, and liquors for our patrons. We believe in the Keep Colorado Local movement and what it does for small merchants in the state. We want to help these brands grow by continuing to offer these liquor selections, among others, in our store. If you come visit us in the store, we’d love to help you find a new favorite local beverage.