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Our Local Wine, Beer, & Spirits – Part 3

October 28, 2015

Our featured seasonal beer this month is Fort Collins Brewery Oktoberfest: “A single decoction mash unleashes the complexity and depth of the Vienna, Munich and Caramel malts that create this beer’s distinct aroma and flavor. German noble hops balance this rich and malty lager with a bouquet of aromas. Prost!”

Local Colorado beer, Durango

Fort Collins Brewery’s Oktoberfest

For Part 3 in our series on beer, wine, and spirits, we dive deep into the local beer industry. Along with featuring some great local wines, at Wagon Wheel Liquors, we strive to provide you with the latest award-winning beers from around the Four Corners area. Over the past few decades, microbrews have become a huge success throughout Colorado. As we mentioned in a previous article, Colorado’s breweries are currently ranked as third on a list for beer lovers. So we’re not kidding when we say we know beer.

Fort Collins Brewery: Focused mainly on creating unique creations with ingredients from all over the world, Fort Collins Brewery has been a staple in this Colorado town since 2003. It was traditionally started a German lager house, but they have since met their success by having four full-time brews and incorporating seasonal and limited release brews. If you’re ever on the East slope, this brewery is definitely worth a visit. We currently feature their Rocky Mountain IPA and Oktoberfest brews. You can read more about this brewery by visiting their site here.

Ska Brewing Company: This local Durango, Colorado brewing company has been around now for 20 years (they just recently had their 20th-anniversary party) and has become a staple in our mountain town. Started back in 1995, when the current owners were still too young to purchase their own beer legally, they decided to create beer for the love of creating tasty beer. Ska is a staple in our Durango community and has now reached liquor stores all over the continental United States. We currently stock the classics like their True Blonde Ale, Modus Hoperandi, Buster Nut Brown Ale as well as their seasonal ales. You can learn more about the company here.

Durango Colorado local beer

Ska, in Durango, Colorado, is known for its unique and seasonal brews.

New Belgium Brewery: New Belgium is another East slope Colorado brewing company that has absolutely taken off and met huge success all over the nation. They recently created a beer and a matching ice cream with Ben & Jerry as well as being featured on PBS showcasing what it’s like for the company to be owned by the workers. This is a brewery that’s been around since 1991 and they’re definitely going places (read: expansion to Asheville). We recently feature over six different kinds of beer from this brewery – so stop in today!

Telluride Brewing Company: This brewery has been in the making for more than a decade in the gorgeous town of Telluride, Colorado (just a few short hours away from Durango). Their first beer was poured in 2012 – so they’re still young but don’t let that fool you! They regularly appear in beer festivals all over the country and have won several awards for their brew (already!). So don’t hesitate to try something new from these passionate local brewmasters! We currently have their Fishwater Double IPA in our store. You can read more about their brewery, their journey and brew on their website.

Marble Brewing Company: Based out of Albuquerque, this brewery has been around since 2008. They distribute throughout the Four Corners area and have won several awards from the Great American Beer Festival in 2014 and 2015. At Marble Brewing, they have anywhere from 6 to 20 different beers at any one point featured in their taproom and across the Four Corners states that are easy to find with their interactive “beer finder” function. We currently feature several different kinds of their brews, including their Pilsner and the Marble IPA.

At Wagon Wheel liquors, we strive to keep these local microbreweries well stocked throughout our store. Keeping Colorado local is important not only for us as a business but for all of the microbrews that we feature. With the popularity of microbrews and their national success, we can only hope that they will be around for a long time. We love seeing you get excited when we bring in a seasonal brew or a limited release brew from one of your favorite breweries. We wouldn’t be where we are without you! We are always open to featuring new and different breweries so drop us a line and let us know what you think we should feature.