Colorado Local and Proud with our Microbrew Fame!

September 11, 2015

With all of the recent growth in microbrews, it’s no wonder that Colorado is front and center. As a state, our interest in all things craft beer, have given us a solid name as a state that means beer-business. Microbrews abound throughout Colorado and the Four Corners area, leading our state to rank third in most microbrews per capita.

Colorado Craft Breweries per Capita

Photo Credit: Brewers Association

As popularity with microbrews has grown, so has the national interest and Colorado has quickly become known for its craft beer. Magazines, blogs, and online beer fanatics have been writing about Colorado’s microbreweries for years – and we’ve only gotten more popular.

On Thrillist: They have Colorado ranked as 3rd in the USA on their list for ranking states according to beer. “Everywhere you look in Colorado — literally everywhere — there is beer. There is no escaping the beer. This is a good thing. Everyone with a beard brews beer, and everyone has a beard, which, by the law of syllogism or something, means literally everyone brews beer. And, damn, do they do it well…Beer is everywhere. Everywhere is beer.”

Washington Post Beer Country

Photo Credit: Washington Post

On USA Today and Paste Magazine, three (yes, three) cities in Colorado were featured on their lists of top craft breweries to try: Boulder, Fort Collins, and Lyons. All cities featured the microbrews they are most famous for: Odell Brewing Co., Avery Brewing Co., and Oskar Blues.

At the Best of Craft Beer Awards, River North Brewery of Denver, Colorado took Brewery of the Year award for 2015. On, four more Colorado breweries were featured on their Summer Seasonal 2015 list: Ska Brewing in Durango, Denver Beer Company in Denver, Fiction Beer Company in Denver, and Kannah Creek Brewing Company in Grand Junction.

The lists go on and on and we don’t think they’ll show any signs of stopping. Craft beer is on the rise and microbrews are only getting more popular. The economic impact of craft breweries has pushed us into the $1 billion margin for the year of 2014.

NPR Craft Beer Growth

Photo Credit: NPR

But, as a 2016 ballot initiative (as yet still unnamed) gains momentum, mom-and-pop liquor stores in Colorado are being threatened. Prohibition-era liquor laws have actually helped microbreweries gain a strong foothold in our lovely Rocky Mountain state and as 2016 draws nearer, the pressure mounts to spread the word about keeping Colorado local. Keeping Colorado local and allowing for microbrews to be featured in smaller liquor retail stores, like all of us folks at Wagon Wheel Liquors in Durango, Colorado, will help keep the craft beer from disappearing from our shelves.

To get on board with Keeping Colorado Local, you can sign their petition here.

The video below gives a very colorful history of the past 100-year of American brewing. Watch more about the American Beer Revival from below:

The American Beer Revival from visually on Vimeo.


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